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International Engagement – Principles and Guidance

On this website you will find the guidance, tools and materials you will need to engage with international partners in an open, safe and responsible way. Check back over the next few months as we develop more useful tools and guidance to help you navigate through your international activity. 

This website has been developed to support the pursuit of the University’s mission of contributing to society through education, learning and research at the highest levels. It is in this pursuit of our mission that we continue to work to address global challenges and engage internationally. 

Our international engagement takes place within an increasingly complex international and geopolitical environment and with that brings new risks and challenges including potential threats to the safety of students and staff travelling abroad, threats to academic freedom, theft of intellectual property, and threats to our funding independence, alongside the challenges of working in environments with different political, social and cultural values. 

As a result, we are taking proactive steps to ensure our international activity continues and is carried out safely, openly and responsibly by balancing the opportunities with the risks and ensuring appropriate training and guidance is developed to allow those involved in international activity to do so safely. These steps will enable the University to support and safeguard our staff and students whilst upholding our institutional values.